Department of Accounting and Finance

Dr. Michael Chiasson

Department of Accounting and Finance

Office Location: 133 Powell Hall
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P.O. Box 2015
Thibodaux, LA 70310
Phone: 985.448.4176
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Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Business Administration at Nicholls State University.

Our three distinct degree programs prepare students for successful careers upon graduation through the quality education provided by our committed faculty members and the cutting edge technology.

Our accounting program prides itself on the high pass rates of our graduates on the CPA exam and on the successful placement of our students upon graduation. Accounting majors learn to think critically, communicate and use technology effectively, apply accounting concepts and recognize ethical issues. Nicholls accounting students are prepared for a variety of positions due to the versatility of an accounting background.

In our computer information systems program, students learn to analyze, design, develop and implement computer information systems. CIS majors have access to their own labs outfitted with state-of-the art technology, including a computer networking laboratory where they experiment with designing, installing and testing local area networks.

Our finance program offers a classical and professional educational experience that develops critical thinking abilities through finance and economics courses. The goal of the program is to help students understand the role of money and wealth in the decision-making aspects of modern business. Students are prepared for career opportunities in corporate finance, commercial banking, insurance and investment banking. Based on their career plans, students can take finance electives that specialize in financial institutions, financial planning, corporate finance and/or real estate.

The financial services marketing concentration combines the knowledge of financial markets and institutions with professional selling skills. The curriculum includes senior-level courses in accounting, finance, and marketing among other general business course requirements. The program’s students are prepared for careers in financial planning, personal banking, stock brokerage and insurance and real estate sales.

The pre-law concentration focuses on the issues that are most important for success in law school and a subsequent career in law. Although the concentration is designed for students who plan to attend law school, it can also be effective for anyone who is interested in the many areas of business that involve contacts, negotiation and analytical skills. A combination of business and government courses prepares students for future careers as attorneys or as staff members in the legislature or legal departments.

We hope that you decide to further your education at Nicholls and allow us to help you achieve your career goals. We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Michael Chiasson
Department Head