Entré Lab


Thinking about starting your own business after graduation? Why wait? Our Entré Lab can give you a head start. This new business incubator/accelerator will provide Nicholls students with a resource-filled environment for working through entrepreneurial options.

The Entré Lab, funded through a grant written by College of Business faculty members, is designed to provide would-be entrepreneurs with a facility, necessary technology and other resources to prepare for launching and managing new ventures.

102_4296.jpg The goals of the project are to:

  • encourage entrepreneurial activity among students,
  • create a supportive environment for new venture creation,
  • increase community involvement,
  • enhance economic development and
  • encourage and increase faculty development of innovative teaching methods.

The Entré Lab, as with other business incubators, is designed to provide entrepreneurs with temporary space and resources to assess the feasibility of a new venture, initiate start-up and bring their product or service to market. It is the first such incubator of its kind in the area.

102_4277.jpgStudents have access to:

  • office space,
  • computers with wireless Internet access,
  • a printer, fax machine, scanner and binding equipment,
  • telephones,
  • a resource/library room,
  • business planning software and
  • a high-quality boardroom and projection systems for making presentations to stakeholders.

A lack of available facilities and support will no longer be a hindrance to successful student-launched businesses.

For more information, interested individuals can contact Dr. Ken Chadwick at 985.448.4211 or ken.chadwick@nicholls.edu.