Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory

Those interested in professional sales learn what it takes to meet with potential clients and present their case without leaving the campus.

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The Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory is a six-room suite consisting of:

  • a flexible-seating classroom,
  • three role-play rooms,
  • a control room and
  • a professional conference room.

promo1Each role-play room is equipped with professional video cameras and one-way observation mirrors. The control room houses the digital video recording and editing equipment. The laboratory provides one-of-a-kind opportunities designed to perfect your skills before they really count.

The Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory, which opened in fall 2003, is a key component of the college’s Professional Sales Initiative.

Funding for the laboratory’s technology was secured through a competitive grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents. Support for classroom renovations was been provided by Nicholls State University.

All furniture in the laboratory was funded by a generous gift from Bill Hornsby of The Hornsby Group of Metairie and the Northwestern Financial Services Foundation.