Other Study Abroad Programs

In addition to the College of Business Study Abroad in Costa Rica and China programs, students who are pursing a degree or minor within the college have the opportunity to study for a semester or year at partner institutions in France, England, and South Korea.

In addition to learning international business practices, student participants:

  • improve your foreign language skills,
  • gain an understanding and openness for other cultures,
  • enhance your intercultural communication skills,
  • enrich your resume for future job opportunities and
  • experience life, independence and travel abroad!

Program Dates and Locations

Students may arrange to participate in a study abroad program in the fall or spring semester or for the entire academic year. Semester start and end dates for partner institutions may vary from the Nicholls academic calendar. Visit the following links for additional details.

Participating partner schools include:


 Nicholls students who are pursuing a degree or minor within the College of Business Administration and are in good standing with the university may participate. Requirements differ among partner schools and courses. Generally, participants should have at least junior status and a minimum of two to three semesters of foreign language courses (except for a few of the programs). While the majority of the courses are taught in English, knowledge of the language is helpful to communicate outside the classroom. Some universities only offer courses in the native language. For more information on each program, visit the Study Abroad site.


Participants in this program pay only their regular Nicholls tuition and fees. Students who receive financial aid remain eligible for that aid while they are participating in these programs. Host institutions charge no additional admission or registration fees. Students are responsible for travel and living expenses.


Coursework completed at host institutions will be recognized by Nicholls. Students should contact Marilyn Gonzalez at marilyn.gonzalez@nicholls.edu at least the semester prior to their intended semester abroad. However, earlier planning will allow students to begin taking any necessary foreign language courses and to develop a schedule that most effectively incorporates study abroad courses. While abroad, most students opt to enroll in courses that count as their business electives, since course equivalents for specific courses needed for graduation may not be available. Most study abroad programs require students to enroll in a language and/or culture course. Students may visit each partner school’s Web site for an idea of what courses are available.


The study abroad program works with international institutions that are partnered with universities and colleges across the country. Each partner school has staff dedicated to international exchange students. Most schools provide orientation, course selection guidance and organized social activities that allow students to easily do some site-seeing while getting to know their classmates. Mentoring programs, which match participating students with a local student, are typically available.


For more information on the exchange programs, please visit study abroad opportunities’ website.