A Beginner’s Guide to Practical Alchemy: Pyrite

by Grant Candies

David Middleton Poetry Award
Third Place

Iron sulfide, simple and useless
in the ever on and on and on
of obsolescence on a treadmill
throughout human history.

Place a pinch (equivalent to two
smidgens [equivalent to a
tad and a half]) of sulfur in
a pentagram (for style, of course).

This does nothing, as you know,
but it gets you in the mood.
Now add the Dramamine,
Ritalin, and Xanax.

Mix together in a large
vat with the composite ingredients
of one (1) healthy adult human
and bring to a low simmer.

Note: a healthy adult
human contains all of these
ingredients, but the harvesting
often proves unsavory at best.

When finished, pour into a
large brownie pan, allow
to cool, serve with acquaintances
and be miserable together (responsibly).