Web Application Research

This is a collection of resources for Web based applications to solve specific problems related to the Nicholls Website. This list will change occassionally as web applications are placed in production. These applications are being organized by topic. Not all applications on this list will be placed in production, and this list is for evaluation purposes only.

Bug or Issue Tracking

The Web Committee has indicated that a system needs to be in place to track and assign issues related to the Nicholls website. The goal is to develop a system that can be used to report and assign issues about specific sections of the Nicholls website appropriately. For instance;

  • An issue about the a department site can be posted anonamously.
  • An administrator can properly assign that issue to the department content manager if appropriate.
  • Department content manager will be notified of the issue via e-mail.
  • Department content manager can correct issue.
  • Department content manager can report issue as fixed, or reassign issue to someone else.
  • Issue is logged for later study, or can be reopened, or reassigned.

So far I have only seen one simple system that may meet these needs: