Web Colors

Nicholls State University Branding Web Color Report

This is an HTML document that attempts to create a multi functional Web based color palette. This document explores the technical color choices and Web based equivalents to the Nicholls State University branded color palette.

Approximate Web Colors

These colors are the actual colors that are interpreted by the color conversion utilities in Adobe Photoshop. These are intended for use as a reference for this document.

Adobe Illustrator Conversion

Main Logo / University Colors #AB162B (PMS 187 C)
R(171) G(22) B(43)
#7C858C (PMS 430 C)
R(124) G(133) B(140)

Pantone Conversion

Main Logo / University Colors #A6192E (PMS 187 C)
R(166) G(25) B(46)
#7C878E (PMS 430 C)
R(124) G(135) B(142)

Safe Web Colors

These colors use the standard 212 web color palette and are close approximations to the Logo and suggested colors. Please note that these are as close as we can get using the web palette. Some of these colors are part of the final palette.

Main Logo / University Colors #CC3333 #999999

Nicholls State University Web Colors

These colors attempt to use standardized color representations that are close to the suggested palette in our branding guidelines. In addition to the standard colors, some other colors based on our color palette have been added.

These colors were tested on multiple computer systems. There is always a slight color shift between different computers, operating systems, graphics hardware, and monitors. These colors attempt to minimize the difference between systems. The most dramatic color shift only occurs with systems restricted to 256 colors, and this color difference is NOT highly unattractive.

This color palette would give Web site users a broader range of color to choose from. We would still need to restrict and specify color usage.

Color Usage:

  • Main Colors – Logo / University Colors
    For use with main color areas and elements associated with the logo.
  • Secondary Colors
    For use with specific accent areas and special purposes such as emphasis for a specific project, or special web page effect.
  • Additional Colors
    These colors attempt to match lighter and darker versions of our secondary colors. Some of these are special purpose colors to be used to highlight important Web content. I would expect to separate this into more distinct categories.
Main Colors – Logo / University Colors #cc3333 #999999
Secondary Colors #CCCCCC #223366
#003333 #555566
Additional Colors #FFFFFF #000000
#AA2222 #990000
#f8f8f8 #e3e3e3
#DDDDDD #666666
#BBCCDD #ddddee