Departmental Web Applications

Some departments may have access to Web based applications. It is important that departments periodically test these applications to make sure they function as expected.

These applications can be as simple as a Web form used to collect and e-mail specific visitor information. Complex applications can be used for functions like payment processing, on-line forums, survey tools, etc.

There are typically two types of Web applications in use at Nicholls:

  1. Vendor supplied Web applications may be installed on separate servers and have special addresses. Departments should note that some vendor applications may be hosted in locations away from the Nicholls campus.
  2. Nicholls Web applications developed by the Web site manager or other Nicholls Web developers. These applications are typically hosted on computers located on the Nicholls campus.

It is important to know about the Web applications used by your department. Departments should keep records and perform occasional tests and checks for issues with these applications.