Departmental Website Maintenance Checklist

Before Fall Semester Begins (Yearly):

  • Update Welcome or initial home page message.
    • This message should tie-in with the overall university marketing message as much as possible.
  • Update list of faculty and related information.
    • Contact info
    • Promotions
    • Academic info such as syllabi, personal web page addresses,, etc.
    • Add or update photographs if necessary.
  • Update any general information links posted.
    • Test links to see if they are still active.
    • Remove or reconnect broken links.
  • Update any curriculum changes approved during the academic year by the Courses and Curriculum Committee.
    • Course additions or deletions
    • Course prerequisites, co-requisites, etc.
  • Update unique documents such as Internship guidelines, student handbooks, etc.
  • Update any dated information that exists.
    • Any announcements that require deadlines for submissions.
    • Any posting older than 36 months or with misleading or confusing information.
    • Any dated info that would suggest the web page is not being updated regularly.
  • Update photos on department name bar on homepage.

Before Fall Semester Begins (Every 36 months):

  • Pictures/videos of students in curriculum settings, labs, classrooms, events, etc.
  • Pictures/videos of department facilities.

Spring Semester (Yearly):

  • Update Faculty changes since the fall semester
  • Update Alumni postings.