Our Mission

The mission of the English program is to offer courses in four concentrations (Creative Writing, Film Studies, Literary Studies, and Writing and Rhetoric) that lead to a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree.  The program aims to prepare students for graduate school, professional school, and careers in teaching, writing, and in other fields where effective communication skills are required.   The program also supports the University’s mission to create a “personalized, culturally rich, and dynamic learning environment through quality teaching, research, and service” by focusing especially upon aesthetic, cultural, ethical issues, while promoting both diversity and tolerance.

Degrees Offered

  • Students can also earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English through the College of Education,  Department of Teacher Education.
  • Via the Nicholls Online program, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in English. The Nicholls Online Program offers English courses to complete the B.A. in English during the spring, summer, and fall semesters which consists of two eight-week mini-terms during each.

Snapshot of the Major

Over the past five years, the department averaged 85 majors with an approximate ACT score of 23. Each year, about 13 students graduate with a degree from Languages and Literature. Fifty-eight percent of those graduates went on to graduate or professional schools.

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